She is an ordinary 11-year-old girl who has a rare disease. Her family was told what to anticipate when their daughter couldn’t move around freely a few years ago.

The family persisted, though. Then Goya entered their house and fundamentally changed Belle’s life. Since then, Belle and Goya have gotten along well. Because he is her service dog, he helps the girl move around and gives her the freedom to go wherever.

By doing his work well, Goya has gained Belle’s respect, and the two of them are now essentially inseparable. One day, Belle decided that her loyal buddy needed to take a sleep. She wanted to express her gratitude to him for everything that he had done.

After learning about Belle’s experience, the site staff vowed to organize a “better day” for Goya. For the two of them to have fun, Belleh had various ideas.

The grateful youngster wanted to thank Goya for everything she did for her. Thanks to Goya, Belle can move around without a wheelchair. She enjoys the freedom he gives her and the feeling of intimacy they have.