Their disparities in personality and stature didn’t operate as a barrier, making them appear to be an exceptional partnership with a significant size disparity. Shelbe and Brianca have been together nearly from conception, and they do everything in their power to stay together.

An animal rights campaigner named Shiley visited with the couple. Brianca visited Shiley’s home in the beginning of November. The puppy’s owners asked for help from the person when the puppy’s mother passed away while she was giving birth.

When she began to bottle-feed Brianca, Shelbe, who was three at the time, would sit and observe. The dogs eventually formed an actual relationship with one another: “As Brianca grew older, she was inspired by Shelbe, and it was really lovely.”

Even the mother of the Chihuahua was replaced by Shelbe: “Young puppies should grow up with their mother and be introduced to different canines,” she said. Shelbe has developed a bond with Brianca despite the fact that Brianca is motherless.

The dog is peaceful and adorable, yet also highly active, according to its owner. These two are a match made in heaven! It’s strange to see two dogs of such different sizes playing together, yet they have a beautiful bond.