Kim Jiwon, a resident of Korea, calls his cat Milino by name. The purr is animated and playful, but it doesn’t take away from its inherent appeal, which our lady portrays too well.

This big-eyed darkness is keeping a careful eye on you, and you can’t help but appreciate it. He also has odd eating habits, such as chewing on lettuce leaves or apples, and the owner says he did not instill in him the need of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Also, a fan of hiding beneath the blankets is Milino. However, such allure is pardonable, and it is worthwhile to stare into her eyes. Despite his best attempts, Kim is unlikely to be able to withhold something from his favorite because she is also quite curious.

When you need to ask the owner for another piece of candy, Milino may be a real cuddling darling.

This active cat is difficult to bathe since she despises water treatments, but to her credit, she constantly licks herself clean. Do you believe Milino is attractive and charming, and that any of her tactics can be ignored?