This chipmunk is conscious of how difficult it is to withstand the allure of hairy. The brave tiny creature fearlessly went up to the cat in the backyard of Reddit user GoIdguy.

A number of images were shared by GoIdguy with the caption, “My cat became friends with a little animal.” The cat lay down to show his lack of malice, which made the chipmunk less nervous and go closer.

The chipmunk swiftly went up the cat’s back and gladly buried itself in the hair, making a wonderful new friend. The brave little creature saw the kitty cat in the backyard and decided to make friends with it.

He quickly realized that the cat was also friendly and brave enough to approach. When the chipmunk noticed that the cat was just as anxious to get to know him, he got closer to her.

Before he was bold enough to leap upon the cat’s back and gleefully smother himself in the fur. So was formed a wonderful relationship. What a fascinating tale of two pals. Nice, huh?